Audit & Accountability.


Auditing & accountability professionals.



Being registered company auditors, APL Advisers can provide you with the full range of auditing services necessary for you to comply with statutory requirements. An organisation’s Auditor holds a key role in accountability and the Auditor has statutory obligations to look for fraud. Also the Auditor’s main role is to protect the interests of the members and, as such, the Auditor can, via the appropriate procedures and channels, advise and influence the Committee.

In today’s electronic computer age auditing techniques and procedures are sophisticated. Best practice audit procedures state that checking and reviewing needs to occur throughout the year rather than one visit and review after year end. Cloud computerised accounting software together with electronic working papers allows the auditor to undertake checking and reviewing procedures throughout the year.

  • Not-for-Profit organisations
  • Solicitor trust accounts
  • Club & gaming venues
  • Fraud investigations
  • Childcare centers
  • Industry associations
  • Bank required audits
  • Having your accounts provide a number of benefits


Corporate Governance

The value of a strong, active board which engages with members and other stakeholders cannot be over-estimated. It is critical that an organisation actively monitors the Board’s contribution and effectiveness.

Board meeting and sub committees’ effectiveness is critical to maximising the ability of an organisation meeting its goals and KPI’s.

By implementing simple procedures at board level the effectiveness of the board and corporate governance can be improved substantially. For example where each agenda item is categorised as either, a governance item or a supporting item then the board members can consider the item with the correct emphasis.

Strategic Planning

To maximise your organization’s effectiveness a clear, concise vision statement, goals and plan are crucial. Staff, volunteers and members should be consulted when formulating the vision statement and plan.