Not-for-Profit… Supporting Your Goals


Let us provide the support and inspiration to your best work!

We provide trusted advice to help clients build capacity and maximise community benefits.

The team at APL Financial have over 20 years of experience in assisting Not-for-Profit organisations in all aspects of running the operations for Not-for-Profit organisations.

Our Services

  • Accountability

  • Corporate Governance, Financial Literacy for Boards, Strategic Planning, Key Performance Indicators for the Board & Auditing.

  • Planned Revenue & Fund Raising

  • Revenue & Grant Income, Budgets & Forecasts, Board & Leadership Development, and Corporate Members & Revenue.

  • Logistics

  • Cloud Accounting software, Other Cloud software Integration, Operational Manuals, Fraud & Embezzlement, Branding & Websites and Outsourcing.

APL Financial philosophy in supporting Not-for-Profit organisations is to;

1. Understand the relationships between the committee, the staff, the volunteers and the members
2. To understand the operations side of the business
3. To move the organisation to best practice over a period of time