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Accounting for Not For Profit organisations

We’re here to provide support, expertise and inspiration to help you do you best work

Our philosophy for supporting Not For Profit organisations is to:

  • Understand the relationships between the committee, the staff, the volunteers and the members

  • To understand the operations side of the business

  • To move the organisation to best practice over a period of time

Our services include:


  • Corporate Governance

  • Financial Literacy for Boards

  • Strategic Planning

  • Key Performance Indicators for the Board & Auditing

Planned Revenue & Fundraising

  • Revenue & Grant Income

  • Budgets & Forecasts

  • Board & Leadership Development

  • Corporate Members & Revenue

  • Insurance Revenue


  • Cloud Accounting software

  • Other Cloud software Integration

  • Operational Manuals

  • Fraud & Embezzlement

  • Branding & Websites and Outsourcing

  • Document Management


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Social Value Impact Accounting

In our view, the current standard financial statements can be incomplete and therefore misleading.

Social Value Impact Accounting looks to add to your traditional statements and provide a complete and accurate account of the value you provide in dollar terms. We prepare a separate set of reports which take the standard financial statements and adjusts those reports for social benefits, social costs and social responsibility.

The standard financial statements for example, do not include activities which are provided free of charge and include the sale of all goods and services provided at the price paid by the purchaser. The price paid by the purchaser may not reflect the true value of those goods and services. In very general terms, the standard financial statements considers only the quantity of the transactions for a period and ignores the quality or lack of quality of those transactions.

Social responsibility accounting is concerned with the activities undertaken during the period and the value those activities provide to your community.

It is our view that unless an equity social dollar value is assigned to the activities your organization undertakes, then the contribution your organization makes to society is not appreciated or understood by government, society and other funding organizations.

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